[Bug Report] Legend of Kay [PAL]

I'm using the newest beta:

Quote:Pcsx2 beta 1059
Plugins as of 25th of april 2009

Specs: see sig - not OCed, latest drivers
BIOS: Europe 2.0
Using Gsdx 962 (MSVC 15.00, SSE41) 0.1.15 , hardware/software DX9c, windowed
ZeroGS doesn't work for me: too slow and way too many artefacts.
If I load a savestate with ZeroGS near the point where the bug occurs
I just get a grey screen. When I move the character I can here it doing things though.

When I finally got past the dragon and enter a new stage the game will freeze.
Settings doesn't matter, it always crashes no matter the settings. I tried quite some time.
Here is a screenshot. It is the new stage.
The freeze
It always freezes 1sec after this screen. The only hint is an error message in the console window stating:
UNKNOWN VifCmd: 3f

The sound will loop (1/3 sec) and CPU usage drops to 0%.
When I hit ESC the emulation ends without problems.

I know this game is marked yellow in the compatibility list, but the newest
beta was working fine without flaw until this crucial moment.

Maybe the report is of at least a little help.
First bug report, if I forgot anything please scold meTongue

HF, Clobon
Intel Core2Duo E8400 * Asus P5Q Turbo * Ati Radeon HD5850 * Corsair 4GB * Windows 7 64 * Cup of Earl Grey (always works for meLaugh)

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I think the above Issue is resolved already, but there's new issue in MicroVU...

The grass sprites are experiencing some kind of SPS when they move on the wind... I can describe it like "jumping grass" Smile Trees have missing polygons, like triangular chess board...
I used PCSX2 r3185 All speedhacks and gamefixes are disabled...
Abnormal grass movement can be fixed by switching to superVU1 recompiler... Missing polygons can be fixed either by switching to sVU1 (fast) or by setting VU clamping mode to "Extra + Preserve sign", but the game slows down a lot...
It's definitely a bug somewhere in microVU1...
Necroing a thread thats 1 year old......

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