[Bug Report] Magna Carta [PAL]
#PCSX2 version
Nightly v1.7.4896 (macOS)

#Emulation options
  - EE Cycle Rate: Normal
  - EE Cycle Skipping: Disabled
  - Affinity Control: Disabled
- Enable Multithread VU1 (MTVU): Checked
  - Enable Instant VU1: Checked
  - Enabled Cheats: Unchecked
  - Enable Host Filesystem: Unchecked

#Plugins Used
Tested with Metal and Software

#Description of the bug and of how to replicate it
When changing zones (between Amrond Woods and Mt. Feissen ~20h into the game) the loading animation freezes. If I try to do anything (e.g. load a save state) PCSX2 shutdowns.

The Zone change that triggers the bug:


The frozen loading screen:


A memcard with a save close to the crash point:

.zip   magna_carta_08_12_44.ps2.zip (Size: 1,49 MB / Downloads: 391)

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