[Bug Report] Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction [NTSC-U]
# PCSX2 version: tested with v1.7.3698 (Qt-AVX2), but I've been on-off seeing if this bug has been fixed for five years with various nightly builds
# CPU options: EE/IOP defaults, VUs defaults in the old interface, all defaults in the new Qt Interface
# Plugins used: Can't figure out how to check this in the new Qt interface, but always used the newest plugins when checking nightlies when using the old interface
# Description: Intro FMVs seem to have timing issues.  This does not seem to be a performance issue, as FPS is solid at 60 FPS throughout.

There are only three real FMV cutscenes in the game to my knowledge, all other cutscenes are rendered in-game and have no issues:
  • the opening news segment showing live-action footage of soldiers running around. To get to this video, start a new game and it will play immediately.
  • the mission briefing slideshow that begins immediately after the news segment
  • the ending (I haven't checked this , but I've gleaned from other forum chatter that it also has issues)

The bug manifests as different sections of audio clipping off.  I'm not sure if the video also truncates as well.  For example, the first sentence of the news segment should be: 
"Reports from Pyongyang indicate that North Korean military forces have staged a violent coup"

Instead, in PCSX2, the audio will clip.  Interestingly, the audio clips has clipped in different places over the years of testing.  The most common results are:
"Reports from indicate that North Korean military have staged a violent coup" and 
"Reports from Pyongyang indicate that North Korean military forces have staged a violent"

For an example of what the intro should sound/look like, there are videos on Youtube such as (titles only since I can't paste URLS)
PS2 - Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction - Playthrough Pt.1/2 [4K:60FPS] - start at the 2:26 mark
Mercenaries Playground of Destruction Intro - PlayStation 2 (First Cutscene/introdução)

you can also find a Reddit thread posted by someone else 3 years ago: Titled 'Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction' voice audio skips in r/PCSX2

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I figured it out! The issue is that PCSX2 runs the FMV at a game framerate of ~45 fps.  Locking the framerate to 30fps in PCSX2.ini fixes the issue, but obviously makes other stuff wonky.

Is there a way to cap game framerate to 30fps for FMVs only?

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