[ Bug Report] Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty(USA)
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This game works fine on everything except the major aspect of the game, combat.

The square button, when equipped a gun does NOTHING by itself. In order to use the weapon, you need to press L2 (the menu button (wtf?!)) and also hold square....this will aim the gun, and function as intended.

The problem is you MUST be in first person view to shoot. and you MUST hold L2 to even aim your gun.

the square button will choke an enemy and function properly when None is selected, or you have no weapon equipped.

Is this normal? Can it be fixed, if so...how?

i have tried to fix it and cannot seem to do it. Please help me.

EDIT: i am using PCSX2 0.9.8

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Update to 1.0
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Map your buttons properly in lilypad. That might also be the culprit
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The choke button is the same as the shoot button so I doubt mapping is his issue. Maybe it's some hack he's using. Or just upgrade to 1.0
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