[Bug Report] Musashi: Samurai Legends [PAL]
<Pcsx2 svn snapshot 831>
Gsdx 834 1.14
<Advanced Options>
Both Round Modes: Chop/Zero
Both Clamp Modes: Normal
Both Checked: Flush to Zero and Denormals are zero

The light effects or simply most of the effects of Musashi: Samurai Legend is kinda too much. The laser from the eyes of the goons spreads out to the whole screen giving a red tint in the game, the red tint then blinks when they are moving. Then in fights when Musashi slashes the hit effects scatter like the red laser of the goons.

The loading screen background also changes to gray after a moment.

Also the characters and area shows before a cutscene starts right after the loading screen disappears. Can't give a screenshot, this happens in a second then the cutscene starts.

Please tell me if I put this thread in a wrong place or anything.

Sorry I posted this again, I didn't know where to post until now...

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Try to enable software rendering in GSDX.
It's slow and can't play at full speed...

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