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[Bug Report] NCAAF 06/11 Camera Issue
i pulled the ole ps2 out of storage and ran sims till i hit a bowl game indoors. the system look so dusted and past it's prime i couldn't believe it when it powered up and ran. overhead camera worked just fine as always. combed over options and triple checked to make sure i wasn't missing anything.

i remember* never having this issue and the camera options being very straight forward... lol. set to overhead and forget about it.

i mean.. i get it. no one is more baffled than me. all i can do is pull my hair out and either play through it with zoom cams or sim it out. which isn't the end of the world. it just stings a little extra because these indoor games in college football are typically conference champ games and/or bowl games. which are more exciting during the heat of the season where you want to shine and really hit it hard for the sexy wins and glory. unfortunately that's where the issue is happening. Sad

i appreciate the thought but this game is basically cut and paste engine over and over year after year. minor changes along the way to rosters and play style. the options are by and large consistent and repetitive.. set it and forget it.

if it were a user issue and someone came along and said "hey retard, you're missing *said options* do *this* to fix it" i would gladly welcome the slap in the face to have the problem solved, admit my ignorance and run with the whole situation in the rear view. much praises and bro hugs to the man doing the slappin'.

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