i got the latest svn today and i noticed that when i was playing my usual games with the speedhacks i usually use and they seem to have stopped making it fast and it still looks the same with or without speedhacks and the game is jak and daxter which works fine with full speedhacks but now does'nt work for any of my games

PCSX2 0.9.9 SVN 5218

GSDX ssee 4.1
Native resolution
SpeedHacks EE Cycle rate o
VU Cyclestealing 1
Auto games fixes off

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Then you have issues or something else slowing your machine down, speedhacks havent been touched.

anyway this is more of a support issue so imma move it.
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Still it came in the 1.0.0 rev but at least it fixes ratchet and clank cuz it speeds it up but accually looks the speed now and even jak works a little better in new rev now but what ever happened it accually helps some games and ee timing hack fixes speed hacks not speeding up games
Yes Ratchet & Clank now runs noticeably faster.
Are you sure?

Recent PCSX2 SVNs had made me disabled any slider based hacks..

Kudos to PCSX2 dev team..

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