[Bug Report] Persona 4
I am playing the game Persona 4 using pcsx2.

The game runs well but the floor textures flash alot sometimes. Im not sure how to fix it. I did a search and didnt see a solution.

My system specs are

i7-975 @ 3.8 gz
dual nvidia 295s in sli
24gb ram

any ideas i would like to try i tired the speed hack and that did not work

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Ok, here's what we're going to do:
You remove the incineration cards and replace them with a standard gtx260.
Then you send me this computer and wait for my confirmation that it arrived here safely. Laugh

After that's done, I'd tell you to grab the new plugin pack from here, which you should try.
Set your GS plugin to GSdx, in dx10 mode, and it should work fine.

Deal? Tongue2
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i heard about the heat issue, sorry to hear about that for those of you having problems

mine will be fine their liquid cooled encased in liquid nitrogen or something.

i dunno i didnt make it.
(04-14-2010, 06:47 PM)BridgetFisher Wrote: [...]
i7-975 @ 3.8 gz
dual nvidia 295s in sli
24gb ram

This rig just begs to run Metro 2033! Really, a dream of a system. But: Why did you put in 24 GB RAM? Sorry for the off topic, but I'm really curious^^. Does this have a special reason or was this just to be on the sure side?

If you have hardware AA activated in the GSDX configuration: This could also be the reason for the glitches. At least this is giving me some nice glitches on the floor. But newer plugins never hurt, so try them in every case. You should also use the r1888 beta, which you can find in rama's link. This solves some bugs and... well... gives you... some more speed^^. Well, do it for the bugs^^.
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24GB ????!!!
What the f***! U sure are loaded which in 3 slots, u put 8 GB DDR 3 of RAM on each slot like the f**k**g rich boy u are!!

And sorry, since Pcsx2 does 0 impact to RAM
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OK everyone thanks for turning this into a spam fest but keep on topic or I'll lock this. And ikazu watch your language.
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I had the same issue with the floor textures. The solution is to use GSdx r1398 instead of the latest version.
texture problems in persona 4....never saw em actually o.o
there was a fix for persona 3 for that kind of thing (the floor was getting spacy and was going everywhere Ohmy)
i think that is the same solution for persona 4 sinds i never turned it off sinds then.

could be wrong tho but you could atleast try it Smile

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