[Bug Report] Predator: Concrete Jungle [NTSC]
this bug report is more like help for other ppl who want to play this game Smile
ok so i tryed this game on new pcsx2 0.9.7 with latest beta and without it, game just doesn't start at all, black screen and thats all, same with 0.9.6 but 0.9.6 r1888 works just perfectly (btw here is the link *removed*) and i saw a little problem starting this game, when u start it with gsdx graphic plugin game logos starting to blink and shake and after few logos everything turns black and somekind of plugin spam starts on that console window, so solution how to play this game get 0.9.6 r1888, launch game with zero gs, when logos will end and u see menu just use savestate with F1 and change back to gsdx if u want or leave zero gs and u can play this game with full speed P.S. if u going to use gsdx then on this plugin setting turn on native resolution otherwise u will see only half screen

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not a vlid bug report.
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