[Bug Report] Problems loading save state
In the 530+ rev there is a problem if you dont load the game first then the save state it doesent work ( tested with mana khemia 1 us ). Also if you use the save state with an older rev it loads the bios then the game and it doesent load the save state ( tested with mana khemia 1 us ). Also it breaks when you try to load the game again using escape key then load cdvd after problem 1

Edit: Tested with other games too like tales of the abyss and persona 3 fes

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nobody cares or what?
Whoa, sorry for not noticing this urgent problem yesterday already!
Tss, I can reproduce it. It should be fixable.
Just don't expect a fix in the next 25 minutes, k? ><
(01-04-2009, 08:20 AM)Rozencraft Wrote: nobody cares or what?

I'll leave the bug part to rama, however I would advise you stop using these kind of answers. Even if you wanted to up the thread, there were nicer ways.

We are not paid for this, pcsx2 is strictly a volunteer work. We do what we can, when we can.
i wans't trying to hurry you up into solving this i just wanted a response

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