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[Bug Report] Project Zero 1 [PAL]
To the Devs

I have the PAL version of the dame on disc (legal version)
I can upload it to you if you PM me

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We have no need to engage in piracy like this. And I suggest you stop offering this as well Wink
As you noticed the game is playable in software mode.
We know why that is and a working fix for hardware mode is planned.
It'll be done when it's done.
It's not an act of piracy Smile, well it might be in narrow definition of law, but not in the moral sense.
My copy is legal. If both my copy, and dev has a legal copy of the US version, the developer of the game does not lose out at all. It's akin to lending a friend a copy to check if it works on his PS2

Since you know what the problem is this is unnecessary I suppose
Just to let you know, I borrowed my friend's NTSC-J version and the same bug regarding the triggering of hidden ghost also exist with hardware renderer.

Yeah, lemme check if we implemented Z buffer readback in those last 5 hours..
Nope, we didn't.

So yea, no surprise it *still* doesn't work Wink
There is two major bugs while playing fatal frame on pcsx2 all latest and early revisions.

1. Sometimes your camera focus starting to work completely wrong. It's reveal itself with that you can't target ghosts with center of focus circle anymore. This mean if ghost right in center of camera it still doesn't targeted with blue filament. To get ghost targeted after this bug you must target his legs, arms or etc and even with that you can't target them well because blue filament disappears in few seconds.
I made some researches about it and i guess can reproduce it. The camera starts to work wrong on all ghost after fighting with some flying ghosts (casper like ones). to fix the camera i need to change video plug-ins (usually from gsdx to zzogl and in reverted order).
I can provide you with save states and memory card where i have save just before going to fight that flying ghost.

2. during the last boss fight when screen turns to black-white mode if i press to circle button to aim camera game freezes. this happens on gsdx and zzogl plug-ins. i have save state before last fight.

If anyone interested in fixing this bugs, i can provide you with all info that you need.
First,i use Fatal Frame NTSC version,second i've solved camera issues by enabling logaritmic z in hardware mode,and everything works perfect. I personaly use older graphic plugin for cheating game (multiple dots around ghosts for easier capturing). Sorry for bad english.
The freezing bug at the final boss is still active in the latest git version. I've tried manual gamefixes and EE/VU settings, but to no avail.
Could we have a memory card save close to it?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
(04-21-2016, 02:09 PM)Bositman Wrote: Could we have a memory card save close to it?
There's one on page 1 of this thread, that's the one I used too. Laugh

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