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[Bug Report] Project Zero 2 (Fatal Frame 2) PAL
Could you enable the console and redirect the console output. Check the misc menu. The goal is to have a full emulog, it miss most of the message, I don't know why?

There is only 1 minor difference with previous FIFO code. Maybe the impact is bigger than expected. I updated my code v3 posted in p4 threads

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But the console is always enabled. What do you mean by "redirect the console output"? I see the exact same messages on the console that the messages on the emulog I attached. No more, no less.

Ok thanks but I will have to wait that Blyss or someone else compile it.

Edit : In the meantime, I've just tested r5897 and the issue was already there. The crash happens after 1h30...
Hum so it is not my "recent" gs fifo the culprit! (well could be another bug that was fixed later too actually)
Yes sorry if I misled you but it's really a tricky bug, I have to play without stopping 2 hours to be sure that a revision never crashes at one moment... PCSX2 1.2.1 never crashed but I will double check to be sure and I will test your patch, maybe we'll get lucky.
Ok even PCSX2 1.2.1 crashed afther a while. I don't know if it's a coincidence but almost each time it crashes on all revisons I've tested it was during a fight with a ghost. Only one time it was during an ingame video (not FMV) just before a fight.
Still crashing with your latest patch. Here's the log.

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Hum definitevely not in my code. I don't know what is going on !
Can somebody retest on latest git. Thanks.
That will be hard to track down if it only rarely happens. As one of the crashes came after playing for one and a half hours, you might need to play through the entire game in one session to be fairly sure this is fixed. Tongue2

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