[Bug Report] Ratchet & Clank Series [PAL]
# PCSX2 version: Official v0.9.8 release
# Plugins used: GSdx 0.1.16 sse4 (dx10 hardware, 4x native and texture filtering) and other default plugins.
# EE, IOP and VU are using default settings.
#Hardware: Intel i7 920 & Nvidia GTX 275
#OS: Win 7 x64
# Description: There is errors with textures in all ratchet and clank games (1,2,3,Deadlocked,Size Matters). Also Ratchet & Clank 2 requires manual FFX Video Fix or game crashes on some videos (Required or the game can't be completed). All games work well without speedhacs, but some large maps work faster with EE cyclerate 2

FPS is 120 - 40, EE is 80% - 100% GS is 65% - 100% , GPU is always under 70% and CPU always is under 50% so PCSX2 could use more machine resources. All games run smoothly with those numbers.
I also tested with software mode and textures did work but resolution was too low and game was really laggy and slow (CPU was almost 100%, GPU 90%).

Keep making good emulator and sorry my bad english.

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Errors that come as a result of speed hacks, or resolution scaling are not considered bugs.
The textures problem is because of mipmapping support that is not implemented in hardware mode, you can also turn it off in software mode by pressing the "Insert" key while in software mode if you want to see it...

Anyway there's enough ratchet and clank bug reports and this is a GSdx Hardware issue so it's better reported there, however GSdx devs know mipmapping is not implemented in hardware mode anyway.
Also speed is not a bug unless you get like 2FPS.

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Those errors are not caused by hacks and I have tested with software mode (under 10fps so I call it buggy). And those errors also exist in all 5 games with native resolution. I am not really specialized to DirectX 3D programming but it is possible implement hardware accelerated mipmap using normal texture and extra CPU calculation.
Quote:under 10fps so I call it buggy
Actually, if your CPU was powerful enough, it wouldn't be slow.
Again, slowness isn't a bug, and glitches using hardware mode are gsdx bugs, NOT related to pcsx2 core.
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My CPU isn't the problem here, it is the software. When I tested with software mode CPU was sometimes 50% and fps still was under 6. If the scene to render is huge then CPU will be 90% - 100% and fps will still be too small to play. In software mode it just takes too many calls in code what raises time to render a frame (I tried dropping 70% of frames and the games ran smoothly with terrible graphics).
And you're right, slowness isn't a bug if machine resources are too small but this case the program can't use them well enough which means there is something wrong with it. And I am sorry I didn't notice that plugin bugs belong to plugins section.
With deeper insvestigation it looks like the error is in that part of code where it selects the size of image to use or scales it.
The glitches that can be seen in game are these:
-3D model doesn't have texture
-3D model's texture is not in right size

It took some time but eventually all small and medium size models will get the right texture.
I hope that can fixed that so 0.9.9 will work better.

BTW. Does pcx2 have roadmap that contains info about future releases or major improvements?
Quote:If the scene to render is huge then CPU will be 90% - 100%

PCSX2 uses 2 cores. That's why...
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go

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