Bug Report Regarding Castlevania Curse of Darkness and PCSX2 rev 3641 currently
When I try to go through the first door I seem to get this error message quite a few times! GIFTAG error, size exceeded VU memory size 3ff!!!!!!
and afterwards you go a little distance after going through the door and then it either locks up solid or it crashes the emulator to the unknown!!!

This is under supervu legacy mode, The only mode where it is supposedly supposed to be glitch free and it is to a point but like I said before!....

I have recently tried a number a thing such as some game fixes mainly the last one one the list. It used to be that I could play through this game flawlessly up until now!..

I am running Windows XP SP3 PRO with June 2010 Directx update and visual basic latest versions as well!

As well as that I am running dx9 mode gsdx software mode because that seems to be glitched severly graphicly under hardware mode dx9 mode on later revisions of gsdx!........

I was hoping for a fix or something to go by to solve this problem! Although I have not tested this in quite a while under vista or 7 directx 11 mode so I can't exactly give any input on that persay!

I hope this will help you all to come up with a possible fix or something because I am to tell you the truth getting desperate on this matter! Thanks for listening and Thanks in advance!!!!!...

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