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[Bug Report] Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 [NTSC-U/C]
I realize it is old stuff, but as I said, apprently it is only way to overcome graphic bug that was fixed in 5334, but revived in newer versions. I'll try the link you posted, hopefully other old verions will work.

5331 from Blyss Sarania's link works for rotk8, both menus and battle movement grids are displayed correctly.

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The latest version of Pcsx2 doesn't work with RoTK 7-10 on my computer (black blurry texts), though the version 0.9.9 (ver 5336) works flawlessly.

For RoTK 11 I have to use the latest version and it works well. The old version cannot read the iso file but the newest version can.

You can download Pcsx2 ver 5336 here
Sorry I haven't checked these forums in a really long time, but here's a link to my Google Drive with the PCSX2 files that make Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 work without graphical issues. I also run 10 without problems, but 9's frame rate is terribly slow.

There's an installer you can run following the link below, or you can copy the files alongside it directly to have the same version of the program. Bios are DIY/not included:

Good luck, and email me using the button on my profile page if you have any lingering issues.
I edited the email out of your post and replaced it with "email me using the button on my profile page." Having your email openly exposed on a forum will get you tons of spam, and the link is functionally the same but protects you.
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
the black text regression is still (back) there as of current build
(09-08-2016, 07:26 AM)Saiki Wrote: the black text regression is still (back) there as of current build
Can you upload a GS Dump of the issue?
Does it work on the SW renderer ?
(10-19-2016, 11:38 AM)gregory Wrote: Does it work on the SW renderer ?
No, it only worked with some ancient GSdx version. Come to think of it, it might've been resolved since Saiki's last post here.
Yeah it was fixed a long time ago but got broken again along the lines somewhere, it's defo a GSDX issue though.
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@flatout, yes I didn't notice the month of Saiki's post. Maybe it was fixed. It would be interesting to have a gs dump.

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