[Bug Report] Romancing SaGa (NTSC/U)
Here is Romancing SaGa NTSC. After selecting a character here is the game freeze. I`ll post a shot. Hope it hepls. My specs
PCSX 1888 SVN - NOT THE NEW GUI (all new plugins)
GSDX (latest) DX10 mode hardware
SPUX2 - latest (default settings)
No speedhacks enabled
Advanced set to default
Micro VU - off
Gamefixes - none

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Nothing's changed since you reported it two weeks ago. You still need to use the P.E.Op.S. sound plugin.
For my specs, see my profile.

My YouTube channel
You mean the freezing will be gone if I use P.E.Op.s. sound?
You will be able to get past the character select menu, yes. I don't remember seeing any problems when I last played it, but I didn't exactly play very far in the plot.
For my specs, see my profile.

My YouTube channel
I`ll test it ASAP. Thanx.
Confirmed! With PEOP. spu plugin the game works perfect! I`ve played over 4 hrs and its great!
Bogus AND duplicate. Closed
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