[Bug Report] Rule of Rose
Rule of Rose

Game details:
Region: NTSC
ID: SLUS_214.48
Data: 1xDVD5
Status: ingame

Emu details:
Version: r650-pg VTLB
GFX plugin: ZeroGS Playground 0.97.1
Sound Plugin: ZeroSPU2 0.4.6
PAD plugin: SSSPSX PAD *pressure mod* 1.7.0
CD/DVD plugin: Linuz/Pg ISO 0.8.0
Speedhacks: none
Advanced settings: default
Gamefixes: none
CPU settings: EERec, VU0rec, VU1rec, MTGS, frame limit

Glitches and Bugs:
Well, as always it's sps. Not so much, actually, but very annoying (look at the shots).
Also note that GSdx can't play game movies, only ZeroGS. To see game cutscenes you need to start it in native resolution.

P.S. Game runs pretty well: even without hacks I've got 56-60FPS always.

[Image: snap016pf7.th.jpg] * [Image: snap021nx3.th.jpg] * [Image: snap024jn0.th.jpg] * [Image: snap044ig7.th.jpg]

[Image: snap002ei3.th.jpg] * [Image: snap006rw9.th.jpg] * [Image: snap004fb6.th.jpg] * [Image: snap010gl4.th.jpg]

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Yeah, that's known.
You can play this game with disabled VU0rec though. The speed drop isn't so problematic.
GSdx no playing the videos can be fixed with using sw renderer Tongue2
Yeah, 7fps isn't a problem, of course I can play...
I'm getting a healthy 60fps most of the time with VU0rec off.
Of course you switch gsdx renderers using savestates when fmv happen.

Anyway, I'm constantly trying this game with my supervu hacks and it didn't work yet.
I finished that game. Most of the time with V0Rec turned off, and also doing the soft/hardware trick on gsdx Wink
I just noticed that native res in ZeroGS fixes cutscenes.
Updating first post...

Quote:I'm getting a healthy 60fps most of the time with VU0rec off.
Lucky you. With VU0rec off and GSdx software I'm getting 7fps and with VO0rec off and ZeroGS@native I'm getting 40FPS. Slow-mo only for slowpokes.
(01-31-2009, 03:11 AM)rama Wrote: I'm getting a healthy 60fps most of the time with VU0rec off.
How much FPS do you have just before the mansion? It's 1-2 minute from begining, test it plz :P
Yeah, I know this scene.
I think its 35fps here, but if i ever wanted to play that game I can just enable some hacks for it Wink
35FPS with disbaled VU0rec? 0_o
I have 7fps heer with all speedhacks.
I can't get the cutscenes to run any faster than 20fps no matter what I do. Any suggestions?

Edit: Nevermind, works fine in VTLB for some reason.

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