PCSX2 beta - compiled on Sep 6 2009 (Revision 1736)
All Plugins compiled from the same Rev
In use: GSDX - DX9 HW, SPU2-X, Lillypad, Linuzappz Iso CDVD, Nulls for rest.
No Speedhack.
No Patch.
settings on default.

Windows XP Home SP3
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz

This game runs fine.

There are some problems.
Two or more detailed one omit it this time.
It reports on two important one.

One suddenly does hang ups while playing.
As for this, it occurs suddenly, and what the trigger is not understood.
It plays for as much as 20 minutes and hang ups is done.
At this time, a large amount of red messages of "vtlbDefaultPhy~" were displayed on the console screen.
Only a first and last part is copied because it is too long.

vtlbDefaultPhyRead8: 0x10BFDE58
vtlbDefaultPhyRead16: 0x12FB90
vtlbDefaultPhyRead32: 0x12FB90
vtlbDefaultPhyRead64: 0x12FB90
vtlbDefaultPhyRead128: 0x12FB90

vtlbDefaultPhyWrite8: 0x12FB90
vtlbDefaultPhyWrite16: 0x12FB90
vtlbDefaultPhyWrite32: 0x12FB90
vtlbDefaultPhyWrite64: 0x12FB90
vtlbDefaultPhyWrite128: 0x12FB90

In another, The sound disappears.
PCSX is stopped temporarily pushing the escape key.
It restarts and it disappears after a while.
It is not because of disappearing every time.
The sound comes to return when coming to the place where BGM is changed.
However, it disappears at 2~3 second afterwards.
It is necessary to reactivate PCSX to return from this phenomenon.

This bug was able to be confirmed in PCSX2 beta - compiled on July 8 2009 (Revision 1474) and bundled plug-in.
But, there was no problem in pcsx2 0.9.6 and bundled plug-in.

I am not good at English.
The translation site is used.
It apologizes if it is not easy to understand.

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