[Bug Report] Silent Hill Origins [PAL]
#pcsx version: official 0.9.6 and latest beta 1474
#CPU EErec on (trying off - doesn't help) vurec0 and vurec1 on (trying off - doesn't help), MTGS on (trying off - doesn't help) microVU0 and microVU1 both no (trying off - doesn't help)
#Plugins used: Gsdx 0.1.15 (hardware and software, dx10), zerospu 0.4.6
Game "freezed" during booting. But using patch solve this problem a litle. After "Silent Hill Origins" Logo and "This game contain disturbing images and violence" screen game crashes. In console appear next:
(EE) Tlb Miss, adr=0x20001300 [load]
(EE) PC: 0x002e9da0 Cycle: 0xe170580d
Using game fix just change cycle.

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Very known issue, and most likely a duplicate of some other report.
We know (mostly) what it is, and a fix will take time. Don't count on the game working anytime soon.
I know, just... It's been so long time since this problem appear and there is no solution...
It's... just... arrgghhhhhh
Yeah, I know it's an old bug. But it affects a part in pcsx2 we can't just fix easily (like a ton of other buggy games atm, all the same problem).
May i ask stupid question? Can you create revision just for SH: Origins? Please!))
Simply put: No.
What a pity... There is no options, just wait...
So... Still haven't solution?
No, stop bumping the thread. If it gets fixed you will see it in the SVN revision comments.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thank's to you now it's again playable with pnach...
!!!BUT Another problem!!!
After burning house cutscene (Not fog.. It's smoke..) it's crashing again. There is any way solve that kind of trouble? Maiby just turn off something?
Here's console code:
<EE> Tlb Miss, addr=0x20001300 [load]
<EE> PC: 0x002e9da0 Cycle: 0x78283d00

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