[Bug Report] Sly Cooper series
For some reason, the Sly Cooper series of games runs really bad on my computer. All of the games run at around 35-40 FPS, which wouldn't be that odd, if it weren't for two things.
1) The speed is same in both HW and SW mode.
2) It shows my CPU usage as 99 %. This is really weird, because I haven't seen it in any other game. For example, SotC only shows around 30-50 % CPU usage. I know that the 99 % usage thing might be a GPU bottlenecking thing, but my GPU is quite capable and has no problems in other PS2 games.

Intel i5 750 @ 3.21 Ghz
4GB DDR3 1066Mhz RAM
GTX260 768 MB

As the screenshots show, it actually might be running a bit faster in SW mode, which doesn't happen in any other game.

All speedhacks are on, except for VU cycle stealing. There is no difference with or without speedhacks.
I am using Pcsx2 r1888 with the newest beta gsdx, I also tried the 1888 version of gsdx, but there was no change.

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This is a game GSdx struggles with (better not even try the other GS plugins, just a warning Tongue2 ).
You'd best wait until it's fixed.. Although you could try adding this line to the GSdx.ini:

gamefix_skipdraw = 1

You need a recent GSdx build for that though. Since we have some rules about that, I suggest you try google Wink
Did you even read the sticky before abusing the bug report forum? Warned and moved.
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Like I said it in another sly-related thread :

I think I know where that "vertical lines" graphical corrution comes from in Sly 2 and Sly 3.

There is a 3D feature in the game (here and there, but it's really a part of the graphic engine of the game).
3D, as in two images tinted red and blue, combed together slightly offseted from eachother. When the game is in normal mode, that extra image or screen should not be rendered or be visible. It would appear that that that's what gets messed up in gsdx HW mode, somehow that extra sceen of the 3D rendering should be disabled or unerlayed...
I hope any of the gsdx programers read this and find it useful...
They read it before, your diagnosis is wrong and it's not useful, sorry Tongue2
(12-13-2009, 12:54 AM)rama Wrote: They read it before, your diagnosis is wrong and it's not useful, sorry Tongue2

I hate to argue, but I am not wrong here. I've got knowledge about how all the 3d things work. Therer are two, red and blue tinted variations of the scene's original image. The two are acutally not the same, it is as if the two were captured from diffenet viewpoints. This means that the offseting is distance dependant. Objects that are farther away, have their blue and red versions more offseted apart from each other, than those that are closer. What can be seen in sly 2 and 3 in pcsx2 hw mode, perfectly confirms to this.

Actually, in this particular case of a bug, there are 3 pictures being mixed constantly:
1.) The original, normal rendering
2.) the blue 3d rendereing and
3.) the red 3d rendering.

Although unlike sly3, sly2 doesn't have any 3d gameplay parts in the game, I beleive that the game's creators took the graphics engine of sly1 (wich is emulated perfectly as we sepak) as a basis, and made some developement to it, that's when they integrated the 3d stuff into the engine, only they didn't make any parts that enable that ability of the engine, up till sly3.
Only in dsgx hw mode, somehow it gets activated and everything gets mixed... both the two pics of 3d rendering and the normal one...

Anyway, I'm still desperately waiting for the day that these great games can be played bug-free in hw mode...
It doesn't seem to be "extra layer" stuff... It's more like GS's IMAGE mode failure... The HW part of the image transfer code is incomplete... The issue similar to "half screen missing"...
BTW take a look at these pics. These were ALL made in HW mode. High res for proof.

Video here explains it all.

I was going to do an attempt of debugging this, but then I've found an interesting thing... This bug is not present in Debug builds... Hmmm?.. What have I do now?..

UPD: Disabled all code optimizations in VC2008 and compiled "unoptimized" Release versions of PCSX2 and GSDX... The bug was still there... Any ideas?..
It is not a 3D effect. It is the remains of a GS effect GSdx cannot render.
I'm sure the skipdraw hack will change it, maybe make it playable even.

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