[Bug Report] Steambot Chronicles (NTSC U)
# Pcsx2 version: Pcsx2 SVN 1147
# Cpu eerec on, vurec0 and vurec1 on, MTGS on
# Plugins used: Gsdx 1.15 (1006; DX 10 mode), SPU2X 1.1
# Description: The game boots normally, but when the a dialogue comes with confirmations (press X) it goes with vertical blue lines and the frame rate drops to 0.1~2 fps from the normal 60 fps.

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... zerospu-x. I guess you wrote something wrong. Correct it

Did you try gsdx in both hardware and software mode? did you try zerogs?
I`ll report soon, again.
I tested the game with all plugins I have (GSDX and ZeroGS). So here is the result GSDX (all snvs I have, all DX9 and DX10 HARDWARE mode) are with that graphical glitches - vertical lines but the color varies. The fps is maximum of 8-10. In GSXD Software modes, however the game is playable with no graphical glitches with FPS around 33-40 fps. The only playable plugin is GSDX in software mode but about 30 fps in my overclocked cpu which is E8400@4GHz so CPUs with freq under 3.6 GHz will be around 8-10 fps...
I am adding some screens to see what graphics are there. As far as I see the terrains are HUGE, there is some toon shading used too much like in Breat of Fire V DQ. Hope that helps.

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Then it's not an emulator bug. report it to gabest if you want. Closed and moved.

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