[Bug Report] Steambot Chronicles (U) meeting Dandelion
SVN r4618 (I've also triend older builds both stable and svns up to 0.9.6 with different plugins and settings to no avail).

During Vanilla's first meeting with Dandelion Basil asks Dandelion to fix his bass and the scene goes nowhere. The emulation continues, there is standing idle animation from characters, but they just continue to stare at each other.

[Image: meetingdadelion.th.png]

My humble guess is the problem lies with Basil who "becomes invisible" as he enters Dandelion's house. The characters just talk with empty space where he is supposed to be.

Here's my memory card with a save at Dandelion's house just before the first meeting: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DDX7VQD4

I hope that helps to find a solution.

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Apparently that bug also happens in the PS3...
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This actually works? What`s the config? It runs on my config with 20 fps with vertical lines on the screen... kinda unplayable. In softwaremode I have a clear screen and 40 fps... weird.
Pretty much the only configuration that works is GSdx and SPU2-X plugins + "Mostly Harmful" present for speed. Vertical lines are plaguing about 90% of locations unless you are playing in software mode. I think it has to do with "lighting overlay" as all in-door areas that have no windows and don't change depeding on time of the day like tutorial location work fine.

But this Dandelion bug during second town story arc is the real problem as it is a story event that cannot be avoided or skipped. So far the only workaround is to trasfer your save to actual ps2 and then trasfer it back to emu after getting past that event. Personally I don't have a PS2 so I'm srewed.

Out of desparation and/or boredom I made an undub of this game. It won't stop this bug from happening, but at least you won't have to listen to lousy voice-acting on top of that.
Wow, you actually said you don't have a PS2, and linked a torrent.

Why is it that some people just insist on ignoring the rules...
And why do some people always look for negative side of things?

There is no conspiracy to ignore the rules. I was simply unsettled by this situasion with no way out of it and in addition to telling the truth about myself (there is no sin in that) tried to find some consolation for myself and people in the same situation as me. Don't turn me into criminal, man.
As if you can justify ignoring the rules and breaking the law. What's more, you're showing a complete lack of respect for those that made and run this site. Seriously, dude, you think they just made the rules one day because they were bored?

FYI - I didn't make you a criminal, your actions did. Tongue
My "actions" broke the law? I didn't do anything. I didn't hurt anyone. I wrote my second post with the best of intesions and it didn't contain any offensive comments much less disrespect for the coders. If you are looking for favor from them - there is not much merit gained by denouncing a noob looking for help.

Since you are not here to help and are clearly hostile, I would respectfully ask you to leave this topic alone as it's already gotten offtopic. If you want to tell me what a miserable human being I am - use PM.
LOL! You're taking it so personally.

You don't own a PS2, so you didn't obtain your BIOS legally. You're posting a link to download a game. That is "wrong" because it's illegal. It also can "hurt" the PCSX2 project if this site becomes associated with piracy.

How do you not get this? How is breaking Rule #1 not disrespectful?

In case you couldn't tell, I'm actually trying to help you see the error of your ways. Don't end up like this. Wink
Unlike me you are not a noob and yet you intentionally continue to offtop at this thread. If you are trying to take a shot for me by turning moders attension towards you - I thank you.

I don't own a PS2 now since it broke 4 years ago but I still haven't thrown away documents, proving my purchase and can take them to a legal court.

Undubs are not piracy. They exist because localisation teams cut japanese voices from games so in order to make an udubbed game you have to pay double - for both english and japanese versions of the game. So I didn't break any laws here either, rather the localisers have ripped me off forcing to pay twice for the same game and I can take it to a legal court as well, but I won't since it will do much damage to the publisher and a lot of gamers will suffer as a result.

I consider this matter settled. If you want to say anything to me off topic - use PM. This thread is about how to deal with bug in Steambot Chronicles.

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