[Bug Report] Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
# Playground version: PCSX2 build 872 (and every other previous version)
# CPU: EERec on, VUrecs on, MTGS mode on
# Plugins used:
Gsdx any version
Linuz CDVDIso 0.8.0
ZeroSPU2 0.4.6 (also tried with SPU2GHZ 1.90)
# Description: with Renderer Direct3D9 (Hardware) the image is fine in the game selection menu, but inside the games everything looks garbled and framerate drops to 6-10 fps

with Renderer Direct3D9 (Software), the graphics are fine all the time.. only that the game runs @ 30-40 fps even in static screens (except game selection menu where it runs @ 60 fps).

this might have something to do with the way games are started from the selection menu, because the menu runs fine.. why shouldn't the games run fine too?


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Same here, from SVN 700 - no improvements Try the GSDX10 software it`s 1:1 but with 35-40 fps Wacko
Not a bug. Closed and moved.

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