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[Bug Report] Suikoden 3 Chapter 3 Geddoe Eike glitch
Ok im pretty much binging on my oldschool deal. First post here asking for help saw the glitch reported elsewhere no answer. So brought it to the PCS community. When you return to Lake Castle yadda yadda and the chracters attack the librarian you get a white screen and the sound of footsteps. I messed with the settings a bit, it's not a video issue- tried various manual error fixes as well. If anyone has an idea help me out here >_> I REALLY want to finish this game for once.

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Note: Not sure what the rules are here or the req's for a post but i just want this fixed. So if you need anything in particular like my settings or something will do. -withdrawels-
I'd like your memory card please, so I can check the glitch out myself Smile
(Please compress your memcard and attach it here.)
(02-20-2012, 09:11 PM)rama Wrote: I'd like your memory card please, so I can check the glitch out myself Smile
(Please compress your memcard and attach it here.)

Will do but uh...
Lol: Do not mind the carryover name -_- took it from someone else and got a pleasant surprise.

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So where do I go and what do I do?
Thought you played. Went mia there. You'll be in the corner. Go upstairs or take the elevator to the far left to the second floor where it says 'library' eitherway if you take the stairs up it'll be on the left side again. Should start a scene go through it for a bit Eike the "librarian" should say something about "captain geddoe" and then that's when *I* personally get the glitch. White screens after your team attacks him then sounds just repeat.

-Also if you could playthrough the scene and SAVE. That could solve my issue as well. Theirs just something about this scene. I dont know how all the settings work however. So if you DONT have the issue i'd send you my settings.
I tested on my game and had no issues, after he says that line screen turns white for a second then it continues and you resume character control, walked down the stairs another short scene ..then I re-saved Smile

if you run into more problems it might be a bad dvd/image.

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Really apperciate this actually DID try switching cuts. Hopefully i dont have anymore issues 30+ or so hours of gameplay all good so lol this was a bit of a "ffs" anyway +rate to you both for the responses and help.
At least I got a couple far ingame saves Tongue2
Lol power to you man. Might want to take hya's though same mainame past the glitch i had. Was able to 100% the game after that.

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