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[Bug Report] Suikoden 3 [NTSC-US]
hi there. i wanted to report the following bug :

the game has graphical issues in general. If we can see the clouds, then we can see flickering there. and the same thing happens , (but much less often),in other places like woods (Zexen forest).

without Speed Hacks, it only reaches about 20-30fps. thats in the INN in Vinay del Zexay.

if you go to the market place nearby, it goes down to 10-15fps.

it doesnt play much flowing.

furthermore, the game doesnt move on at a certain place. in chris chapter 2 when iksay village is attacked. and borus and leo arrive, then the 2 lizards stand in front of each other and the game doesnt move on. i guess there has to be a dialoge or something.


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not a valid bug report.
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