[Bug Report] Summoner 2 (PAL-E) [SLES-51141]
# PCSX2 version: 0.9.7 r3068
# CPU options: default
# Plugins used: GSDx r3068 (DX10/DX11, Software, Blend tff, 3 Threads, No Edge Anti-Aliasing), SPU-X r3061 (default), Lilypad r2930 (One Joypad)
# Description: Hangs at Options Menu and similar. Hangs randomly during 1st scene (no biggie scince can skip that). Hangs when get dialgue with choice of response e.g. when Neru asks if you wish to leave for the palace or stay. Not sure if it counts as official SVN, got it off of somewhere. Can't use 0.9.4 because of my system so I can only pray the game gets fixed. Oh yeah I also saved the log.

Edit: Just thought this bug report would at least help you locate the problem when you try to fix it eventually
Edit: This has been resolved by r3855 at least

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Nice but don't link to unofficial builds next time please Tongue
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Sorry about that,it's because I wasn't sure if it counted as offical, but at least there is now a thread for this game. BTW why has the link changed from white to blue? I'm just curious to know.

Edit: Never mind I think I get it now, it means it has a recently added post right?
Edit: Just to brag I now have a 7-Axis Thrustmaster Controller. (Pity it don't have turbo)
same problem exists on SLUS-20448 as well, game freezes contantly, I can't even start the game. (using the same SVN as well I believe. if a new thread is needed I appologize for crossing regions in this thread, but it happens exactly the same in both)
i reported this bug (for SLUS 20448) long ago

it broken since 0.9.2
(as i remember...; it run, go to the menus and so on..., but with broken graphic)
It's definitly not a plugin problem because I tried it on every kind of set-up I could think of, from what I read in the console at least one of the causes is in the branch slots. By the way are there any guides for SVN software because I've yet to successfully set one up correctly (either that or I'm getting the SVN settings wrong).
I'm not said that is fault of "graphic plugin", - i said it is runs on PCSX 0.9.2 without stucking, but with huge graphic artifacts.

[Image: pcsx2092_summoner21.jpg]
options menu
[Image: pcsx2092_summoner2_options.jpg]
extras menu
[Image: pcsx2092_summoner2_extras.jpg]
oooh path3 masking!

im in the process of fixing that stuff, ill see if i can test summoner 2 along the way
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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Right now I would settle for any tips to get PCSX2 0.9.2 working on my system
The old versions definitely won't be able to run this game.
I think they just drop dead and die on a PATH3 Mask operation Tongue2

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