[Bug Report] Super Dragon Ball Z [PAL]
Hi there. Here is my bug reporting. A weird bug in all new revisons while playing Super Dragon Ball Z. It`s really rare to find that bug I guess.
1. Make a new character card with Cell
2. Play the game untill you can select new super move
3. Select the stunning blast
4. Enter practice mode with the customized Cell
5. Perform the newly obtained super
6. PCSX2 exits.

Weird bug but guess it was a pure occassion I found such a bug Smile Hope that helped.

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It's not a proper bug report.


Please edit your post to this and respond again.
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Thanx for the info. Somebody edited it for me. Guess it`s the admin. Thanks too.
Nobody edited this. Do that or I'll close it...
How is now Smile
you still failed to follow the guildlines (looks like you read the first one then couldnt be bothered) closing.
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