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[Bug Report] The King of Fighters: Maximum impact 2
(10-22-2010, 07:18 PM)Bositman Wrote: The bug report section is only for PCSX2 core bugs, not plugin bugs like this one. So it has been correctly moved and it is time you stop questioning our moderators.
I have accurately written that they here not and. The second only slows down a wrong luminescence of structures if to put on a maximum. Has checked up soft. The error is treated, but speed falls.

[Image: 2633251ce85ft.jpg]
[Image: a251ec203a6ft.jpg]

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Quote:The error is treated, but speed falls

if it works well in software mode, thus it means it's not a pcsx2 bug.
more a gsdx one.
maybe you should report it to gabest, then.
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And a sound. What with it to do? It in all rollers goes as an echo.
Hi, i got troubles with MI the first, i m using the last pcsx2 version and i got this system: AMD ATHLON 6000+ (dual core 3ghz), 2 giga of ram, geforce 9800 gt with 1024 ram, XP sp 3. The game run but it s too slow, not playable at all.
You've got an old/slow processor for that game, not much you can do about it. Try some speedhacks I guess.
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