[Bug Report] Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero [PAL] [Fixed]
The game is actually listed as crashing after the intro on the main site, although if I use ZeroGS 0.97.1 the game is fully playable.

The bug which I have is in any menu which shows your car just turning around which I seem unable to fix by changing any settings.

Edit: Fixed using "32 bit render targets" and "No depth resolve" in the plugin settings.
[Image: n31c3o.png]

[Image: uwy89.png]
[Image: w7ex0.png]

Also, I guess the compatibility page should be updated to show this as playable:
[Image: 2daehzl.png]

Any ideas whether it is just a setting or an actual bug?

Also, any tips to get the GFX looking a bit better? They're not quite matching playing on a PS2 and it's only using about 50% CPU so I've got some to spare.

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