[Bug Report] Valkyrie Profile 2 : Silmeria -- PCSX2r1888
Pcsx2 r 1888
Cpu options : EERec, VU recompilers, MTGS on
Gamefix on
Speed Hacks disable
Plugins used:
Grafik:GSdx 0.1.15 SSE41 (Directx10 hardware)
Sound: SPU2-X 1.2.0

1. FPS are much better than 0.9.6
2. But still, vertical lines in battle or FMV's (fixed in software mode) (Sometimes appear, sometimes won't)
3. FPS drops at some scenes when there are a lot of objects.
4. Severe artifacts when entering the forest ... ( still ... ) (fixed in software mode)
5. The first FMV can be play properly under r1888.

Directx9 software mode -- GSdx 0.1.15
Average FPS = 30
With speed hack enable = 33~35
Actually, unplayable.

Specs as in sig.
Will update some screenshots soon.
C2Q Q9550 - 3.9Ghz
8GB DDR1067
WD Black 1TB*2 (RAID 0)
Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro
Sorry for my poor English >"<

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All known, and duplicated in the other vp2 threads. Also: Slowness is not a bug.

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