[Bug Report] Wall of fog in ICO
Hey, I'm sorry if this post is suppose to be posted another place...

My spec:
i5410 - 2.3 Ghz (dual core)
Intel HD 3000
8 gig ram

The emulator, pcsx2 0.9.8:
gsdx r4600 ssse3 (skipdraw hack set to 3)
spu2-x r4600

The problem/bug:
ICO runs perfectly (50-60fps) in hardware mode(dx10), but there is an annoying white fog that makes it really difficult to see far, the fog is like a wall which as been described in earlier posts. It ruins a lot of the game experience..

Anyway, I have seen someone mention this before and concluded that you need an USA bios or put the game in software mode. Software mode removes the white fog, put makes the game run slower. I tried the bios trick but no luck with that..

By the way, Is it legally "ok" to download such a bios if I own a ps2 (which i doSmile)?. I just want to play my game.

Thanks for reading!Smile

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You cannot download a BiOS because you don't own that BiOS.

Just use the one you got off your PS2; it shouldn't affect your emulation at all if you do a fast boot.

It is recommended to see if you still get this bug using the newest build which you can fetch here.

Edit: If the game works without this bug in software mode, report it here with a dump of the issue.
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I have everything...
Ok, thanks for the links, I tried with r4791.. but no luck.

I will post it were you said, but I will also post the pictures here as well.
I run the iso in "reboot (fast)"

Software mode (no fog, but it lags: 30-40 fps)
[Image: softwaremodedx10.jpg]
By sdts2 at 2011-07-04

Hardware mode ("fog")
[Image: hardwaremodedx10.jpg]
By sdts2 at 2011-07-04

Thanks again for quick response!
It's gsdx problem, not pcsx2, Siren1 has exatly same prob BTW.
Pnach below disables Fog effect in ICO NTSC-J.
Eliminates "WALL OF FOG" bug but all fogs are missing though.


//Disable Fog Effect

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