[Bug Report] Winning Eleven 2008/PES 2008/Multiple Titles [NTSC-J, SLPM-66885]
Hi All.

I am experiencing a number of issues across several PES and Winning Eleven titles for a number of years now and I hope this bug report can help the devs resolve these issues.

This bug report will focus primarily on Winning Eleven 2008 (NTSC-J) as that is where the GS dump is from but it affects other titles including Winning Eleven 10 (NTSC-J) Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PAL), J.League Winning Eleven 2007 Club Championship (NTSC-J), Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PAL) and J.League Winning Eleven 2008 Club Championship (NTSC-J).

During any match or training session when your player moves towards either your goalkeeper or the opponents goalkeeper the animations of the goalkeeper become erratic and are looking like they are glitching and missing frames despite the game actually running at a steady 60fps. I have attached a link showcasing a small video demonstration of the bug in action below:

https ://imgur .com/a/NMBGIzx
(Please remove the spaces when pasting the link in the browser)

This interestingly doesn't occur on either Winning Eleven 8 Liveware Evolution (NTSC-J) or Winning Eleven 9 (NTSC-J) or Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PAL) when being emulated.

I have provided a GS dump attached below which came from the PCSX2 stable release (1.6.0). Due to it being a multi-frame dump the size is too large to be attached via the forum so I have provided a Google Drive link instead:

(Please remove the spaces when pasting the link in the browser)

I have also tested it under the following combinations with sadly no fix:

Latest stable release - 1.6.0
Latest nightly release - 1.7.3479
All default emulation options
All default graphical settings
Speedhacks - Both on/off
OpenGL Hardware
OpenGL Software
Direct3D 11 Hardware
Direct3D 11 Software
Direct3D 12

The second bug is a graphical glitch with the players hair which ends up disappearing from time to time. Unfortunately I do not have a GS dump or video for this bug at present but I can provide one if needed. This second bug affects all PES and Winning Eleven releases on the PS2 from the very first title on the platform regardless of regional version (NTSC-U, NTSC-J and PAL). It is also mentioned by another user at this thread:


Both bugs have been tested with an Nvidia RTX 3070Ti and an AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU.
Neither bug occurs on actual PS2 hardware.

Many thanks for all your amazing work in the development of this emulator. Hopefully you will be able to resolve these issues in one of the nightly releases in the near future.  Smile

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