[Bug Report] dbz infinite world

in dbz infinite world the sound of the short movies are very slow but the movie/game speed is by 55-60 fps
ingame all works perfect4bit
the intro movie sound is perfect
i tryed all sound plugins but its the same prob.
know anyone why the sound slows so badly?
sry for my bad english T.T

my stats:
Qosmio x300
GPU: nvidia 9700M gts
CPU: Core2 duo P8400 2.2Ghz
ram: 2x 2048mb 1066mhz
windows vista ultimate 64bit

emu config
GSDX 868[/align] 0.1.14: Renderer D3D 10
sound:all testet same slows

Speed Hacks: x2 Cycle Rate, INTC Sync Hack, Enable IOP
CPU: EERec, VU0rec, VU1rec, MTGS and Limit all enabled
Advanced: Chop/Zero (Round Mode), none and Flush to Zero (Clamp Mode) Denomials Zero, Chop Zero (Clamp Mode), Chop/Zero (VURecs Options), None (Clamp Mode) and Flush to Zero, Denomials Zero

sry for that T.T
but its the same without the speed hacks and all other things on default

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If you want to report some bugs in game, dont use speed hacks and all setting must be default first. Please read sticky thread to report some bugs in game properly.
Notebook ASUS A43TA|CPU AMD Llano APU A6-3400m Triple core (1 core disable) OC to 2.6+Ghz|GPU CF|HD 6520 400Mhz/667Mhz iGPU|HD6650M OC 780Mhz/985Mhz dGPU|RAM 8GB DDR3 1333|Windows 7 Ultimate Sp.1 x64 bit.
>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
those issues are more than likely brought on by the speed hacks, so turn them off, try again, then report back if it's still the same.
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Closed and moved. Next time report with speedhacks off...

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