[Bug Report] .hack//GU Vol 2 Reminisce [NTSC]
Hello! First post, been blazing through the .hack//GU games and this is my first mystery here. I'm running on a fairly dated system, but have had no real issues until this. The game just closes while trying to play a cutscene/FMV.

# Pcsx2 version: PCSX2 Beta 1329 (also, using the beta plugins)

# Cpu: EERec, VU0/VU1 Recs, micoVU1, Multi threaded GS Mode

# Plugins used: (Graphics) Gsdx 890 0.1.14
(sound) SPU2-X 1.1.0
(CD rom) Gigaherz's CDVD Plugin 0.7.0
(the rest are default)

# Description: *SPOILERS*
Just after defeating Sakaki and Ovan revealing his arm, the game crashes as the lock on his arm unlocks.

Additional Info: I read around about posting without speedhacks enabled so I disabled all of them and tried various combinations under CPU, Advanced, and Speedhack settings from disabling everything to only some. Also, here is the log from the crash. Also, running on WinXP with DirectX 9.0c, if that helps.


Although I used a savestate, I've replicated the bug by recompleting the dungeon again with different settings.

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I'd suggest trying zerospu2 for this game and see if it passes. I have a similar bug much earlier in the game with spu2-x
God, I forgot to submit this bug, though my revision is 1354.

That's a tlb miss, the same that appears when microVU0 is not used.

I had to use an earlier revision to go through there, save (ingame) and then I went back to r1354.
However, please, next time use search. There's already one bug report topic for .Hack//GU games I think.
old plugins also temd to cause issues, update them in the thread for the. (gsdx is WAY passed 890 now)
Yeah, that's true, although this crash isn't caused by the gs plugin. After all, I was using r13xx (don't remember last 2 numbers, lol).
890 is what it came with, along with the beta's plugins. *shrug*

The other graphics plugin just gives me nothing and won't run the game, so I've stuck with settings almost identical to stpdrgstr's to run the games. I already went ahead and skipped the cutscene and finished the game. Just seemed kinda anti-climactic to watch it on YouTube. Sad

Also, I did play with turning the MicroVUs on and off, but to no avail. It has only been that cutscene in all 3 games, working my way through the 3rd at the moment. Will report any new, similar bugs if I come across them.
when I get that far I'll see what shows up on mine, and how to correct it.

let m pont you here as well:

Seems changing the sound plugin to Peops fixes the crashes. Moved to resolved
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