[Bug Reports] Final Fantasy X-2
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A very annoying bug with not only me but everyone in general and in particular FF series.
I hope it will be fixed soon and thank.

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Known GSdx issue which can be fixed by using a software renderer. Moved out of bug reports.
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I was going to say use native resolution Smile
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Just press F9 untill you get over the fmv, then switch back again. ^^ at least that's what i did
If this bug could be solved in Hardware the game would proabably be playable on weaker cpus.
The game has like 5 short videos. You can view them on youtube if it's such a pain. Doesn't mean it's unplayable due to that.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
5 short video's?!? I thought it had 11 orso Smile atleast what I could remember from some older posts Smile
I'm just curious, could this issue be fixed in the newest version of pcsx2? Not that I have an issue using software mode or watching it on youtube but just wonder if this is something that can be fixed someday or so?
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That's very unlikely.
The black stripes are from upscaling a point list transferred video (can only be fixed by not using upscaling).
The flicker is from the bad texture cache (needs nearly a full rewrite of GSdx to get fixed, eventually).
And lastly it's slow because it uses the Vector Units for that point list transfer, only a fast computer can render it quickly enough.
In hardware mode I get about 40fps with the first FMV and with software it does down to about 20-30fps and this is running a weak intel pentium e2180 at 2ghz. being able to apply some of the hardware tweaks to make native look better in hardware mode would be a nice touch. if I am able to run it at 3/4 of the speed on a weak cpu like this someone with a stronger core 2 duo should be able to run it at 60fps.

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