[Bug raport]DragonBall Z Infinite World
Hi all im a new in this forum and i have a litle problem
Im usin latest beta version update plugins and game run awsome even sounds
in game its perfect[thats whot i need] i have 37 FPS no grafic bug but the game its slow down then others version of PCSX2 in others version i dunot have problem with speed game [but sounds its slow down a lots]
Im using Win7 32
COMP: is
Amd athlon x2 6000+
memory 3 giga Kingston 667Tongue]
Gainward GTS 250 512/256
plz helps speed this game

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Ok... so what's the problem actually? You say you have no speed problem but also said you have 37fps, so which is it?

Also what PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings?
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It seems he used speed hacks in others versions but not in that last.
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yeh in older version like pcsx2-r1888 the game is faster then beta version but
in this version pcsx2-r1888 i have sound slower then game in beta its awsome cuza sounds is perfect[nice work] but the game play its slow
sry for bad english Laugh maby its some problem with plugy in beta ver.
Try using *SOME* speedhacks for e.g:
1)Enable INTC Spin Detection.
2)Enable Wait Loop Detection.
3)mvu Flag hack.
These three should givew you more than needed FPS (I think).
And Use SKIP DRAW hack in GSDX I have tried it.It works flawlessly for me at 80+ FPS ALL the time.
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yeh its help me alots now i have even 90 fps lol game is fast now Laugh but now game fast but sounds slow down now but when im using some special move
but its ok now thx great job with this emulation Laugh
just "disable" the "disable Framelimiting" in the GS window Smile that should care of the overspeed issue.

@Speedy42, Skipdraw needs a value and it should never be used other than to correct specific game layer issue. It removes an entire layer level, that could be the menu (or part of it) in certain game, the HUD in another, the minimap in a third... not good advise there if used universally.

A good example of advising it would be Set skipdraw "to 4" and the offset hack (need to edit the GSdx.ini to add the line: Allowhacks=1) inside the GS plugin window AND for Xenosaga 3 game... this corrects the flashback cutscenes but that same setup would play havoc in many others games...
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