[Bug report] Burnout revenge/Burnout 3
Hi there!

I've noticed a bug in Burnout revenge and Burnout 3.
When i play the game i have some textures not appearing correctly (windows are purple, and the undersides of the cars as well)

Through my search i discovered it occurs because my CPU is limited to SSE2
When i tried this game on a Intel CPU i noticed that when SSSE3 is selected that the windows / undersides appear like they use to be..

For more information / screenshots visit this thread: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-purple-wi...ure-glitch

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Not a valid bug report.

Also I tried to reproduce it but It works the same for me with SSE2 as with SSSE3 versions of GSdx, anyway this is better reported in the GSdx thread.

And check how to use the bug report forum next time:
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Its a GSDX bug with Radeons on the SSE2 version.

so no, not a valid pcsx2 bug.

its funny that it affects radeons but not old intel gpu's xD (tested on a Radeon 3200 series notebook gpu and intel gma 4500)
@ shadow lady, sorry for posting it in the wrong thread.. I'll look into it to post a decent bug report.

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