[Bug report] ESPGaluda [Japan]
#PCSX2 version: tested with version v1.7.3516-windows-64bit-AVX2-Qt
#Emulation options: All default
#Plugins Used: Tested with software/direct 3D 12/Vulkan
#Description of the bug and of how to replicate it: there is a graphical glitch around sprites when the internal resolution is set to something higher than native. The bug is not there in native resolution. Selecting the girl at the player select screen makes it appear. Starting the game at that moment reveal the same bug on all bullets fired at the player and around other sprites.

This is my first bug report. I read through the post and I hope it is doing according to standards.



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That's common, you can't upscale sprites and 2D games with the native emulator tools and it looks like none of the upscaling fixes help either (which is again common with sprites).

You should play this game in native or software mode for the best experience.
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Ok thank you. The upscaler seemed to work for the other cave games (ibara, mushihime sama) so thats why I created the ticket

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