[Bug report] Fatal Frame 2 NTSC won't start
When I try and open up Fatal Frame 2,
the frame came up, and that was it, it froze then

I then installed some DirectX stuff,
and now it just beeps, and no window at all comes up when I try and run the game

Pcsx2 version: 0.9.6

Plugins used are:

gsdx_sse2 for gs plugin
lilypad r2951 0.1 for PAD plugin
SPU2-X 1.3 for SPU2 plugin
Linuz ISO DVD 0.9 for CDVD plugin
The rest are null drivers

I have directx 10, but direct3d is not showing up in my options,
so I use direct3d 9

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Use 0.9.7 beta. Not a proper bug report, moving to general discussion.
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0.9.7 is doing the same thing
Well, we know for a fact that this game works.
Could you post a screenshot of how it looks when it, ehm, freezes?
Complete with console and everything.
You need to use the SPU2-X v1.4 that came with 0.9.7 to boot the game.
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