(Bug report) Persona 4
I have a question about this game. This is the first time im running pcsx2, I have all the bios and plugins working and im running gdsx as the video. Ok whenever I try to run this game, it always crashes before the intro video starts. Also at the top of a terminal is (Patches not found crc=dec3671). This is the only game i've tried and im not sure what is causing this. Is it because my computer isnt strong enough or is it something else.

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PC specs? PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? content of emulog.txt after you get the problem?
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Not Even close to a bug report...
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The CRC is also wrong, since the CRC is always a 8-digit code Smile Also that CRC must be or JPN or PAL, cause my version is US and the CRC = DEDC3B71 Smile
CRC's are not always 8 digits. (they are in pcsx2) but in general they can be a 4 - 32 characters

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