[Bug report] Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Silent Hill Origins
Hi! I downloaded these games yesterday and I have the same problem in both of them.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories

When the first scene finishes, the screen turns almost totally black and I only can see a little part of the scenery. The second error appears when I start controlling Harry Mason. I think it's because of the lantern, but I can't understand why... Look:

[Image: u69h.png]

[Image: ahpk.png]

[u]Silent Hill Origins[/i]

In SH Origins, the screen flickers all the time. In addition, it happens the same that in SH Origins when I use the lantern at the hospital.

I use PCSX2 v. in Windows 7 x64. Here's my configuration.

[Image: jkaa.png]

[Image: b2sd.png]

[Image: 5esv.png]

I hope you can help me. Excuse me for my terrible English ^^U

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Quote:I downloaded these games yesterday

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