[Bug report]SoulCaliber2_Pcsx2_0.9.7r3053 [Bug]
Using Pcsx2 0.9.7 r 3053 default no speed hacks
GSdx 1.16 HW native

While playing Vs Games with my son we noticed Strange camera positions occurring usually starting on the second round. The Camera would be up in the sky facing up, so you coulnt see the fight at all. It would reset during the beginning of each New battle.

ps. i know this is a lame bug report, ill edit in the morning and post some pic`s
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*base 64 images don't work here - ref*

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put the EE and VU clamps on to full and try again
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Right, they should work fine with default settings.

Not a proper bug report, moved.
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It's valid actually it happens but not exactly as described. Level most prone to this is the temple one. Sometimes the camera gets confused and zooms out too much or zooms to an area far away from the players, but at least in my tests it always came back properly after 1-2 seconds, so not such a big deal
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