[Bug report] Spy Hunter NTSC
I have tried to run this game with the latest svn build. It can play intos and save to the memcard, but when i try to load a level the loading bar goes fully to the end and i got a stack overflow (console says that) What can i do?

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not even close to a bug report

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Try with the official beta or the older PCSX2 0.9.6.

If it works with the latest beta but not the latest SVN try to see which revision broke it and let us know.

Actually just read the compatibility report for this game with the r4076 SVN and it says you need to either press the start button to skip the movies or enable the "Skip MPEG Hack" gamefix for it, I'm guessing that's your problem there.
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Thanks i will try it. Sorry i meant revision 3876, not the latest SVN. I haven't messed with the settings, just have everything default. Here is a sceenshot for you to know what i mean:

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Ok, recognized.
We're all busy right now though so don't expect a fix anytime soon Wink

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