[Bug reporting] Ar Tonelico 2
Game: Art Tonelico 2
#PCSX2 version 0.9.6 (official)
#PLUGINS: -GSdx 0.1.14 (r890) DX10, Filtering on, internal res: 1024x768
-SPU2-X 0.1.10
#Speed Hack : INTC Syn Hack, IOPx2, WaitCycles, 1.5x Cycle Rate
#Advance: Chop/Zero, None, FtZ, DaZ.

Problem: there are odd backgrounds (the background is split into half and 2 parts replace each other’s position) in particular places.

[Image: th_as.jpg]
[Image: th_as.jpg]
[Image: th_qsa.jpg]

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This is known problem with all NIS games
So, this problem is unsolvable? So sad Sad, the backgrounds are beautiful. Anyway, thank vsub for replying to me Laugh.
As I recall, gusthack patch solved this backgrounds. But this patch is not good thing, although Mana Khemia is unplayable without it.
I am closing and moving this for the simple fact that you reported it with acks on Tongue next time read the stickies...

Do not fear though, we are very aware of this problem, even if a topic is not there Tongue

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