[Bug repport] DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2
I'm using the last SVN built, and GSdx 4928 SSE4 plugin
The settings of the plugin are : Direct3D11
Scaling 5x Native
Texture filtering

Playing DBZ tenkaichi 2, I have this bug

[Image: bugwu.png]

Using native resolution don't fixs it
How can I get it fixed?

Thank you very much

Sorry for my english

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does this happen in software mode (F9 key) ?
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That's one of many story mode bugs caused actually by GSdx hackfix. Lots graphic in cutscenes is glitched even more than this. I made a custom GSdx which fixed it, other than that suggested software mode will fix it.
Yes, software mode fixes it, and using 3 threads it doesn't lag
Thank you very much

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