Bug with FFX
Hello !

I have a new bug with the playground version. I have sometimes a blue, black or a grey screen when people discuss...when you only can look characters...

And suddenly, the screen come back...but sometime, it still on the screen during 30 seconds...

Can somebody help me ? Do someone had this problem ?


Edit : Like this during some seconds : http://img513.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bugyu3.jpg

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Or..like this : http://img227.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bugyd6.jpg

It cut stories scenes...
Moreover, i can't see the first white screen with the new emulator but I saw it with 0.9.5 version... ^^

Help ?
try the same spots with the software renderer of GSdx to see if it also occurs. If not then change the NLOOP option in the plugin config to "grey" option (neither empty nor a X in the box).
Ok, I try it... ^^ with "software" so... because NLOOP is ever in grey..

Thanks, i try it..
Not better...and the game is really slowly !!
are you using the official playground version or one of the betas/custom builds?
Are you trying to play the game with all the default settings, no hacks on? and what nneeve said, what are you using?
I'm using the official playground version, download on the pcsx2 webpage and I haven't try to use the emulator without doing anything but if I do this, I can't use direct X 10 settings and fastests cpu settings...

I must try ???
I had this sort of problem in the old 0.9.4 version, but it was instantly cured upon switching to the new playground versions, and was even fixed during the short period of time I used 0.9.5.

It's very odd that you're still experiencing it in the playground version...

Anyway, try switching around what graphic plugins you're using and messing with the settings.

Though, I'm not sure if changing the plugin will make any difference at all when it comes to the error itself, since when I had to deal with the problem on the 0.9.4 version - it remained present in using both Zero's and GSdx.
Ok....so I must try to survive without all videos ^^ Lol

I will try !

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