Building a new PC, Best PCSX2 Compatibility?
Hi I am planning on building a new PC, I was wondering what would be the best parts to put in it to get best compatibility with the PCSX2?

My current graphics card is a ATI Radeon 4770 HD, That should be a good enough graphics card.. right? But what about everything else?
Thanks Smile

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Depends on your budget really. Try aiming for something with an Intel cpu in it. Maybe even the new core i5 dualcores they just released.
yeah everything depends on money .. i5 is awesome but expensive as well. The best budget option imo is cheap dual core like e5200/5300 cheap after market cooler and overclock it. I dont know global market prices but if i do math from my currency. e5200 + karakorum is arround 100$ (maybe less even, prices on my nation market arent really low) and with little effort OC it to 3,5-3,8ghz and you got full speed in most of games with a litle sppedhack help for most demanding ones.
Intel Dual Core E5200 @ 3,5ghz /gigabyte GF9500GT/2 GB RAM / ASRock P45XE/ Corsair CMPSU-400CXEU

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