Building a new PC, how will PCSX2 run it?
On average anyway, since all games are different and even my current, not very good computer could emulate to an extent anyway...

Processor: i3 2100 3.10ghz
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

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It'll be just fine for most games also with upscaling to full hd, unless you aim for those most demanding titles, then i5 2500k is better(althrough "a bit" more expensive) option;P.
I'm literally at the very limits of my bank account after extending my budget over £100! But this sounds good!

Out of curiosity what are the most demanding titles?
Like Zone of the Enders 2 at some of the bosses fights, Metal Gear Solid series is probably too althrough I have pc version soo I dunno reallyTongue, Shadow of the Collossus if you want smoother animation can be a killer too(through easily playable at worser cpu with a bit choppy animation;P), Armored Core.
Others probably know more of demanding titles, I'm mainly interested in RPG's which are usually the easiest games to emulate(the most demanding RPG I tried till now was Valkyrie Profile 2 which should run with full speed at 3.1ghz i3). If you have a list of titles you "must" replay on your future pc, maybe just ask about them, it's easier than listing it.

There were also some topics about demanding games already, but it's not like there are soo many of them. i3 around 3ghz should really be enough for most less troublesome games by default, with some speedhacks with alot more, and your GPU will be above average and enough to enjoy nice graphics(as long as the game is playable without glitches to begin with).
Ahh, I see what type of game would be intensive. Luckily ZoE2, MGS and SotC aren't on my to play list as I intend to buy the HD collection for the former two and own the HD version of the latter. xD.

Off the top of my head the only game I couldn't get working and have at the moment would be Suikoden V which I just couldn't get working no matter what... A few I wish would've performed just a bit better were like KH:ReCom, SMTLaughevil Summoner and SRWOhmyGs.

I'm wondering if I should use this as opposed to my physical PS2 for the games I have on disk. I imagine I could get them to look a lot nicer... The only one I see being a b**** would be FFXII but the others are just SMTs which I think I could run pretty decently on my old spec... not the best though hence why I played them on my PS2!

Main reasons to play on pc instead of ps2 are usually a stupid laser of ps2 dvd drive which isn't soo eternal as we could wish;P, and upscaling in pcsx2. 3D graphics will obviously be much sharper and more enjoyable, but it'll still not a true hd version, soo if you can still play on ps2, maybe just wait till it dies completely(keeping it's bios backuped;O) and you'll be able to buy even better pc if you really have a need for pc guessing you also have ps3, leaving pc for net and all of that stuff.

What do you mean with Suikoden V through? Didn't run at all? Or just is slow on your current system? I find this game not soo demanding with a few speedhacks and had no problems running it either. What pcsx2 version you tried it on I guess it should work just fine with current PCSX2 0.9.8 and looking at compatibility page it was playable from at least old 0.9.6.Tongue
Suikoden V ran but the FPS was quite bad and when I could get the FPS decent the character models looked all funny... It was on 0.9.8 and I thought I had settings at optimal (for my PC) as I just breezed through FFX without much problems. I just put it down to my current computer being past its prime to be honest.
If you intend to play the Wild Arms RPG series then this won't cut it...
As has been said before, get a i5 2500K and everything will be a breeze, even at HD resolutions.

As for the graphic card, good choice, I have a GTX 560 Ti though.
(10-16-2011, 01:31 PM)Coldbird Wrote: If you intend to play the Wild Arms RPG series then this won't cut it...
As has been said before, get a i5 2500K and everything will be a breeze, even at HD resolutions.

As for the graphic card, good choice, I have a GTX 560 Ti though.

he is in a under 100 UK-pound budget there is nothing he/you can do
otherwise he can use his real ps2 if he had trouble running pcsx2 on demanding e.g. Wild arms series.

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Better get an Intel I7 quad core series. They can run many games at much better speed.
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