Burnout 3 Question
I have been wondering, why is it not working (like burnout dominator) i have played it on my ps2, is it because of the awesome physics, graphics and stuff? i believe it will run VERY slow whenever it is possible to emulate it... But seriously, is it just because of the graphics and stuff? same with revenge.

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a quick search would have got you your answer.

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So please, use the search function next time, it keeps the forum cleaner.
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Oh i see, so it's the graphics library? So this will probably be fixed in future versions of pcsx2? Atleast i hope so :/
but wait, doesn't burnout 3 use opengl? And some otherg ames too? because wouldn't it be simple to just make an opengl plugin? or is the "fault" in the code of pcsx2? If not, i think opengl plugin would be good (as i think burnout 3 uses that -.-)
....no. Playstation 2 has no OpenGL or DirectX or anything close to these,it uses the GS (graphics synthesizer)
If this was a simple problem it would be fixed already. So just wait and hope it gets fixed,bugging the authors won't do you or them any good.
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