Burnout 3 help
Hey I downloaded this only so i could play burnout 3 i found my old ps2 in a box but it wont work I tried playing it on pcsx2 with the cd untill i found out that doesnt work so I got the iso but it starts the game but stalls on the "loading" page. I didn't know if there was anything i could do to fix this any help would be appreciated [Image: 934873_10201237361600563_1696975891_n.jpg]

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Only works on the windows version of PCSX2, sorry.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Well that sucks thats the whole reason I DL it...thanks by chance does anyone know why a real ps2 would read that youve inserted a ps2 disk but just go to black screen and bring you back to the browser when you click on the disk?

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